Finally! Projects I can actually wear! Made a pair of black jersey knit gauchos. They’re so comfortable and I love how they flow while I walk. Also started on a maryy dress from Burdastyle. I enjoyed the article about the member maryy on that site. Only 20 years old and on Finland’s Project Runway! Very impressive! I wish her luck on her adventure. 🙂

Anyways, I also rummaged through my bins of yardage, unfinished projects and scraps. Burdastyle’s article for Earth Day on how to use fabric scraps really inspired me to go through my scraps to make some nice things. Started a cutlery roll out of some Kaffe Fassett cloud print. Also I got really ambitious and took some rayon jersey knit leftovers and cut a bunch of strips out and started a cute tube dress. When I post a pic of it, Harry Potter fans will appreciate the colors :).

Also, with the summer months approaching I want to start thinking of some warm weather clothing. Got several tank tops and other summery clothes. Maybe I won’t be so miserable this time around! I’m so glad I actually wear color now :P.

I promise, pics of projects are coming soon!


Computer disaster last weekend, ug. Using the boyfriend’s computer til I can send it in for repair. Til then I’ve been sewing like a mad woman. Finished several projects last weekend and hopefully this lovely Beltane day, I can go out and take some photos of them to show you!

My patterns arrived yesterday, huzzah! And so begins the sew-off!

Way too early to post! Had to take Micah to the armory this morning and don’t have enough time to go back to sleep before work. While he’s gone in Guernsey, I’m planning a weekend sew-off! I have several projects that just need finishing touches like hemming or sewing in zippers. I’ll post them all when I get them done. I’d like to get all my unfinished projects done before I cut a new one.

Also, I’m still expecting a sewing patterns order (I placed it TWO WEEKS ago!) to arrive. I have fabric ready for a couple of those. Wish me luck! Have a great weekend everyone!