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Well, the little sign I have on the fridge telling myself how long it’s been since my last migraine must now be set to 0. After an impressive 135 days with NO migraine! It was awful cause it was at work when I started having my initial aura and I had to leave early cutting my hours big time!

I’m wondering what caused it because I’ve been so careful about what I’ve been eating. For those of you who don’t know about my food allergies but whenever I eat anything containing monosodium glutamate or any of the names it’s hidden under it gives me a Gods-awful migraine I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

My sensitivity to it has gone down a little bit; now it’s more like holding a cup. I can hold a little MSG in it but when I fill the cup too much, it overflows and I have a reaction. I had been doing so well not overfilling my “MSG cup” but I guess I was again fooled by labels.

If you would like more information about excitotoxin sensitivity, I would love to guide to some great sources of information, just contact me!


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