193 days…

Got started on 3 projects today.

First was the lavender bamboo/cotton knit (see The Fabric Inventory) which I decided to make into a twist front tank top. It’s cut and ready to be sewn. Took me FOREVER to figure out what I wanted to do with it, lol.

Next, I used the brown slub jersey knit to cut out the pieces for a cute tiered top. Been wanting to make this for a while actually.

After that I decided to use up some more of a remnant to make another tank top. The fabric is a purple floral burn-out knit. It’s really pretty and the best part is that it was $1/yard! The tank top has a bubble hem and was supposed to have a lace contrast on the top but the fabric looks pretty lacey so I’m just going to double it. It’s kind of sheer so I think it’s a good idea.

So hopefully I can get these done by some time tomorrow. Then I’ll have 2 fabrics gone so I’m keeping a good pace. 193 days to go!



Took forever to organize all that fabric and remnants. Still a little messy but at least I can get to my yardage. Anyway, while I was organizing I was thinking of giving myself a challenge of sorts by setting a deadline for finishing my projects.

I’m thinking of getting all the fabric I have as of today made into clothes, accessories, and other things by the end of the year. Sounds like a long time but I have a bunch of fabric lol. I’ll document all my projects here.

Made a list of all my fabric in the pages section. There’s about 33 pieces of yardage so I really have my work cut out for me cause that doesn’t include my remnants.

So here we go! 194 days to get 33 pieces of yardage made into clothing and/or accessories! Wish me luck!

Wow, has it really been a whole month since I’ve posted? That last migraine I had turned out to not be the only one. I had two more in the two weeks after that one. Not a good month for me! Looks like I need to read my food labels more carefully.

Work got pretty crazy as well. They let the woman who puttogether the linen routes go for too many no-call-no-shows so now that’s my job. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t also have to do all the mending and run the ironer. Lots of stress and 11-hour days! Hopefully it starts to get better.

Anyways, finally got a chance to post (and also the WordPress iPod app is working again!). I’ve had a list of projects I want to start and also finish but I went to my fabri area and found it a mess! My boyfriend has this nasty habit of piling all my fabric/notions/books/patterns/jewelry making supplies all willy-nilly on top, under, and in between my stacks of fabric. Quite irratating! Maybe if I get some of these projects done, the fabric would be in my closet on hangers rather than in stacks, haha.

So my first mission is to get all my fabric organized. I’ll get before and after pics up here when I can get to an actual computer.

Happy Sewing, everyone!

At last, I have pics!

I made a bias cut striped skirt with an elastic waist. The fabric is a yarn dyed striped cotton and the shrug is a mystery burn out jersey knit. I usually HATE synthetic fabrics but it was part of a 5 yards for $5 at Walmart and I couldn’t resist. The patterns I used were:

Skirt: Simplicity 2186 view D

Shrug: Simplicity 3533 view E

The shrug was supposed to have an elastic casing at the sleeve but I decided to leave it off in favor of a more fluttery look. It’s a perfect piece for this time of year when it gets chilly in the evening and you need a light jacket.

The skirt is very comfortable (thank the Gods for elastic waistbands!) and great for warm days as the fabric is nice and light.

Finally got a chance to go to North Park. We wanted to go to City Park and have a picnic but it looked like rain so we stopped there and took some quick pics. Then we ate and walked home and it hasn’t rained yet :P.

One of the great things about making your own clothes is the cost. Sometimes fabric is way expensive but the garments you make are way better quality and of course, they actually fit you! Most of the time, however, it turns out to be pretty inexpensive. This outfit for example…

The skirt fabric was $2.51/yard (with my online coupon for http://www.fabric.com) and I used about 1 1/2 yards. Total: $3.76. Add in about $.75 for thread and elastic and you get $4.51. Not bad, I say. The shrug is even better. The fabric was $1/yard and I used less than a full yard. Not bad, not bad at all.

Ok enough with economics…

I also have to present a green knit wrap dress with a brown tie belt. I started making this AGES ago but somehow got trapped at the bottom of my projects bin. Found it about a while back and finally finished it. It’s from Burda 7871 that I downloaded off of sewingpatterns.com. I couldn’t find the pattern piece to make the tie belt so I just took the one I made for my Azalea dress. That one still needs some redoing.

Totally loving this dress! I’m so glad I finally finished it. Grand total for this project: $4.30…love it :D.

More projects and pics coming soon!

Finally got a chance to get outside and take pictures of a few projects. Not as many as I would like but it was about to rain and my boyfriend were getting really hungry, lol.

Worked on some more this morning and would really like to start on some twill shorts today. With summer coming, I really want to start making hot weather clothes.

Well, the little sign I have on the fridge telling myself how long it’s been since my last migraine must now be set to 0. After an impressive 135 days with NO migraine! It was awful cause it was at work when I started having my initial aura and I had to leave early cutting my hours big time!

I’m wondering what caused it because I’ve been so careful about what I’ve been eating. For those of you who don’t know about my food allergies but whenever I eat anything containing monosodium glutamate or any of the names it’s hidden under it gives me a Gods-awful migraine I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

My sensitivity to it has gone down a little bit; now it’s more like holding a cup. I can hold a little MSG in it but when I fill the cup too much, it overflows and I have a reaction. I had been doing so well not overfilling my “MSG cup” but I guess I was again fooled by labels.

If you would like more information about excitotoxin sensitivity, I would love to guide to some great sources of information, just contact me!

Here begins another weekend sew-off! Many projects to begin and finish! Wish me luck!

I’m making a Mother’s Day brunch for my boyfriend’s mom so I hope to make a pretty dress or skirt for it. Not quite sure yet.